E-MOTE is the name of the piece that I presented as my graduating project from the OTIS College of Art and Design. It follows the emotions of 7 individuals who have experienced extreme trauma in their lives and who wanted to try to find a way to better deal with the emotions they still feel from those experiences. By having them track their emotions for a week I was able to turn those emotions by means of a system I created, into numerical data. This data was then used to dictate 3 physical attributes of creating a 3D model which would represent those emotions in an abstract form. Once the models were created I had them 3D printed. I then created silicone molds, filled them with plaster, and invited the individuals back to then paint their “Emotion” in the colors and design they felt best for them represented their emotions. After the model was dried they then released all the built up pain and trauma into smashing the models, symbolically showing that they were now the ones in charge of the emotions instead of the emotions controlling them. They were destroying and causing trauma to the emotion instead of the emotion destroying them and causing them more trauma.

I created this project as a way to help take something non-physical, like our emotions, and turn it into a physical object. Turning this non-tangible, non-visual, non-physical concept into something that can be seen and touched and manipulated allows the participant to become the one in control of how they deal with these emotions instead of allowing these extremely painful and traumatizing emotions to have a deep and powerful amount of control on the individual’s life. It is allowing the individual to deal with the emotions in a physical way which helps deal with the same emotions on a deeper subconscious level as well.

I plan to take this project further as this was merely a proof of concept project and create a fully functioning, dynamic, and user friendly application.

*I also want to add a very special thanks to everyone who helped me with this project. It had a lot of moving parts and you all came through! Thank you to the 7 participants who diligently kept track of their feelings and were brave enough to let me see deeper into who they are and how strong they are! Thanks to Rick for about a year ago encouraging me to follow this little idea I had about turning emotions into a 3D form. Thanks to Anton (@thinkmaking), my new friend from Honduras! and his 3D skills and his ability to understand my horrible descriptions of what I was trying to do and doing it! and thank you to all the guys at 3DEase (@3dease) for getting the models printed for me and being patient when I kept forgetting my check!

YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!!! I hope you all enjoyed being a part of this project!