After doing photography for a few years I realized that with each shoot I got better and better at styling the models I was working with. I found that as much as I enjoyed taking the photographs I enjoyed styling even more! You can take a great photograph but if the styling is off then the entire image just doesn’t look right. I am creating stories, I’m creating fashion yes, but more than that I am creating people, characters, and the clothes they wear complete that character. I have included photoshoots in this potfolio as well as my own personal style at the bottom to show that even in life we are constantly styling ourselves based on how we feel, and who we want to attract, and ultimately I believe that how we dress can greatly affect the job we get and the life we live. Take time to think about what you want to show the world…and no matter what give’em something to stare at!
This was the first 4-page editorial spread that I conceptualized, styled, and shot that appeared in a magazine called UNFOLDED This is the link. I will warn you though…I had nothing to do with the magazine layout or the typography…I just did the photography………..that’s all I’m going to say regarding that!