Into the Deep End!

I have spoken about before that I have been unable to go and take a full shower or bath or go into the pool or go into the ocean, all things which I love!, and about two weeks ago I was finally released from the port in my chest which was the last remaining stumbling block keeping me out of the water! With that being healed I was able to take my first completely enjoyable shower which I talked about before. Today I took the plunge into the deep end of the pool and fully submerged my body into the ice cold water!! Luckily I had my friends wetsuit from years ago (thanks Lisa! ) and without it I think I would have come up a popsicle! But it was as emotional an experience as funny because as soon as I stopped filming and started running up to the hot bath I had prepared for myself, I started crying and yelling, ” you did it! you did it! you did it! you did it!” And as I laid in the bath thinking about all of the pain both physical and of course emotional pain and fear that I have had to overcome to get to this point I couldn’t stop crying with an amazing sense of joy and accomplishment and Hope that if I can do this that I really can do what i want to!

I have not been having the best week which is why I did not post a video or anything yesterday or last week which, I understand no one other than myself probably is keeping track at this point since I don’t think anyone actually watches these videos, so as of right now these are mainly for myself but I for myself knew that I wasn’t feeling ready last week to post a video of me feeling sad about life. But at least I feel now that having done this jump into the deep I feel that I have something positive to share. I hope that everyone who watches or reads this blog thinks of the goal that they have been working towards for a long time and either just do it and stop making excuses of why you can’t do it! or congratulate yourself for completing it! and don’t downplay it for anyone…. let everyone know that you did something amazing for yourself! And that you have been working so hard to do this!

We deserve to tell our successes and failures so that everyone else can learn from our lives and then we can then in turn learn from them!

I want to hear what things you have been working towards or have gone ahead and accomplished… what you’re jumping into the deep end in your life ………so please please comment below so that we can start sharing these….our struggles and successes will help each other in the future.

I posted the link here for the YouTube video.

Thanks to anyone who watches these videos and reads this blog…there’s some new projects coming up that I’m extremely scared about doing BUT very VERY excited about…documenting. ..???hmmmmm? (Could that be a clue perhaps. …?

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