The NEW New Adventures of Living With Cancer!

I realized after watching some of my medical/cancer update videos that they were just tragically boring to watch haha! I didn’t even watch the entire list of videos because of how depressing most of them felt. I also realized that since organizing my life via the Konami method (please look up her videos and blog and even get her book if possible! ) and decorating my room so that it was now a place of joy and healing instead of sickness and recovery that I needed to change my YouTube vlog  s well in order to match the now vibrant joyful life I’m now getting to live. 

Now is all about living and living life!  My motto is NO EXCUSES! instead of just waiting to see what happens to me with cancer I am now in charge of what happens in my life!  I’m going from the passive person to the active achiever! 

I have dreams, I have goals, and I have plans on getting there! And I want my blog here as well as my YouTube vlog (as well as my Instagram ) to follow the steps along the way. I want to go on adventures and make moments memorable not just wait for memorable moments!  I will be creating inspiring things through fashion, interior design, music, and travel! 

THIS IS LIFE! AND I’M NOT MISSING OUT ON ANY OF IT! I haven’t gotten to this point in my life alone and it’s because of so many wonderful loving people I’ve been blessed with throughout my life that have given me the strength to overcome all the hurdles. So I want to go on these adventures with you all as well….if you’ll come with off course! 😉 

Here’s to a new start! A new story with a happy beginning!

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