PROJECT: re-BUILD MY LIFE! #2 Importance of a Model

PROJECT: re-BUILD MY LIFE! #2 Importance of a Model

So…I’m pretty sure this happens to most people, BUT everytime I decide to take on a new challenge/adventure it seems as if there’s always someone there to tell me I can’t do it! OR at least tell me reasons why I can’t do it right now. OR start questioning my abilities to achieve said goal. I’m guilty of that too, so I understand, but I would love to have the encouragement from the people I love in taking on such a big project. And if they don’t think I can do it, lie to me! hahaha

Anyways, I decided that no matter where the negativity came from, loved ones or strangers, I was going to use ALL energy as motivation to keep going! I had the opportunity on Tuesday to really vocalize everything that this shed project means to me and the deeper levels of meaning and growth I hope to get out of it. I had just received my infusion at UCLA for the clinical trial I’m on and found out that there’s only 3 more months of treatment! This shocked me a bit! They had made it seem like I would continue the treatment for as long as it works…but now to have an “end date” really hit home the importance of getting a solid foundation for my life so that when that moment comes around I won’t be sitting there with no plans. I realized how much this building a shed really has already become a metaphor for what I’m going through in life. After making the model and thinking about how that relates to me real life I kept thinking about the search I’ve been on for years to find a mentor; a model for what I’m wanting to be in this life. I am very spiritual and have many models of who I want to be spiritually but I’m speaking about the professional examples I have. Whenever someone asks me who my inspirations are for what I want my career to be like I always say Baz Luhrmann and Grace Coddington! They are both people who use their medium to tell stories. Telling stories help people heal from pain because they find someone or something in those stories that they can relate to and that can help motivate or inspire them to hope for something better!

This shed is more than just a shed. I want it to be a model of hope for someone. I want it to be through sharing my story of overcoming doubt and opposition an example of triumph! That’s the model of what I want to do anyways…haha…now it’s up to me to get to work and actually do it!

I also happened to come across a video after I finished making this model that spoke about the importance of having a mentor. If you’re interested to hear that it’s by Chris Do and you can watch it here!

I’m curious though to know who you guys have as mentors/models in your life…who helped you either in real life or just as an inspiration to go after your dreams or even go after a simple goal you’ve had? I’ve obviously never met Baz or Grace (although I would jump at the chance to do so!!! so if you know somebody who knows somebody! haha) but just watching interviews and behind the scenes to hear their process and their attitude about life and work has always been an inspiration to me to take my “silly ideas” seriously…that I will only fail if I don’t at least try…and that I absolutely LOVE to tell moving and powerful stories!

Comment below and let’s see who inspires us! Maybe we’ll all find some knew people to be inspired by!

I hope if anything I do inspires anyone it would be to live with NO EXCUSES!


Model of shed-FRONT VIEW





  1. You know that poem by William Carlos Williams where he writes, “So much depends upon a red wheel barrow”? Where something appears ordinary but in reality it is extraordinary. That is your shed. It is so much more than a simple, ordinary, everyday object. It represents so much more and it will be so cathartic and inspiring to see to its completion. And then the greatness that it will house, aside from the monument itself. There are certain poems and short stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Robert Frost, and Dylan Thomas that resonate deeply in my soul and make me yearn to create. They center me as well. I am glad you have those people in your life as well. Life is so much more beautiful when it is beautiful, and not just black and white.

    • Wow!I haven’t read that poem before but sounds exactly like what I need to read! Thanks!
      I have heard of Robert Frost though and feel like his poem “Road Not Taken” has had an important influence in my life in realizing that I’ve gotten to where I’m at in life not necessarily because I’ve only ever made the RIGHT choices, but more importantly I’ve MADE the choices in the first place. All too often we tend to let life choose our paths instead of being the one to choose what path we take. (Although I know that poem has a few different interpretations) 🙂
      Ps… we’ve got a red wheelbarrow in the backyard that I’ve startd using for moving some dirt… 🙂


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