PROJECT: re-BUILD MY LIFE! #3 The Root of Fear!

PROJECT: re-BUILD MY LIFE! #3 The Root of Fear!

Having drawing’s are good, model’s are better, but there comes a time when you just gotta get your hands dirty and get started!

I know that every time I’ve helped build something structural we always needed a good foundation, and in order to make a good foundation you have to prepare the ground which involved for this project a lot, and I do mean A LOT of digging up stray roots….

BUT FIRST! I had to mark out where I’m going to be building the shed so I’m not doing any more or less work than I need to. Luckily for me I took the woodworking rule of “measure twice cut once” into my planning and was able to stake out and string out the outline of the shed fairly quickly and in about ten minutes.


Once I got the site marked out and double checked that the measurements were correct I started the task of leveling the ground. I know that having a leveled base will just just make the rest of the build a lot easier and go a lot smoother…well, that’s what I kept telling myself every time I would run into yet another monstrous root!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! WHERE’D ALL THIS ROOTS COME FROM!!??? I kept looking on the other side of the fence where the root was heading and there’s literally a two foot drop off on the other side of the retaining wall! There’s no trees, no bushes….nothin’! AND the root was about 2″ in diameter! Needless to say just hacking at it with my shovel didn’t do the trick and neither did the battery operation circular saw that I tried (I broke the shovel head off and the saw just froze when it hit the root…)

SO…I dug through all the bins and shelves and piles of tools in the garage until I found a hand-saw…ROOT ELIMINATED! I guess nothing beats some good old fashion elbow grease 😉 I had a few more rogue roots to deal with while leveling and digging up the turf, but with the second shovel 🙂 and the hand saw I got it all leveled.







Once I had a level and de-rooted area I put in the concrete cinder blocks (I got from a friend at school) and I’m now ready to start building the floor. But, that’s for another day! I’m hoping to be able to source a lot of the materials from craigslist, build sites, extra building materials etc so we’ll see when the floor happens, and if you have any thoughts on other ways I can source building materials let me know!

*So…as you know (if you know me…if not then you may not know this) I analyze everything. No matter what’s going on I tend to find/create metaphors and meaning in the random things I’m doing. So, the whole time I was struggling with digging up these old roots in the backyard I kept having this thought come into my mind that these roots are a metaphor for the fears I still struggle with. I kept thinking okay…this root is my fear of rejection, and this root is my fear of failure, and this root the fear of never being loved and I had to get them OUT!!! I didn’t want these old roots coming back after building this new shed to ruin all the work I had done…all the progress I made…I need to let these fears go if I’m going to be able to move forward in life. But…taking out a few annoying roots in the backyard is a lot easier than getting rid of years of fears that have taken root in my mind and kept me from living life the way I dream of living. The roots of fear have grown into all parts of my life weighing me down and holding me back from going after my goals…and it’s not just a matter of simply ripping them out…if only. I don’t want to complain, but I want to be honest…the fears are still there…still holding me back as I try to live the “NO EXCUSES” life I encourage everyone else to live…

Am I making too big a deal out of this shed’s importance…to someone else, maybe, but to me, no. And I just need to keep moving forward and whether I do it in three weeks, three months, or three years I WILL FINISH THIS SHED! and I hope that in some way publicly writing and posting about this project will help me stay focused and not give up like I have done many times before with other dreams…and maybe it’ll help one of you find the motivation to go deep and dig out some of your “fear roots” 🙂

I love to write and talk about what I’m going through but I love to hear other people’s thoughts and experiences. I would love to know what you do to battle fears.

Again, it might take a while before I can gather the materials for the floor of the shed but I’ll try and post every week regardless…

Shed your past…Build your future!

-Bryce 🙂

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