So…now; after four years of dedicating myself to learning all about form, scale, and all other aspects of design, not to mention at the same time undergoing many bayous treatments relating to having cancer, I FINALLY DID IT! I GRADUATED! And now I officially have a Bachelor’s Degree! Quite an achievement I must admit!

However, just like every other graduate will tell you, that achievement is short lived because as soon as you toss that cap up into the air someone will inevitably ask; 

“Now what are you going to do!?”

…well, after a few weeks of wondering myself what I’m going to do I realized that I’m going to do absolutely NOTHING!  

I’ve been running back and forth from design classes to doctors appointments back to more classes that my life has somewhat fallen by the wayside without me knowing it. 

Yes, I’ve learned so much over the past few years about who I am as a survivor, as an artist and designer, and as a human being; for which I am grateful to have been tried and tested mentally, physically, and spiritually, but I was living in a bubble. A very difficult and often times painful and scary bubble, but a bubble where I was cut off from a lot of things like a job, going out with friends, hell sometimes even going out in generally I couldn’t do!  So now that this big goal of mine is finished, and now that there’s a huge vacancy in my life to be filled, I have nothing to fill it with. 

Before I go and commit myself to another dream I want to rebuild my life. I know who the survivor Bryce is, but I’ve lost who the spontaneous, crazy, active, dancing, singing, lively Bryce is. And I hope to find him by building a shed in the backyard. 

“Whaaaat?” You ask!

Yes. A shed.

“Like foundation, walls,and a roof?”


“But what does that have to do with ‘rebuilding your life’?”

I don’t know!  🙂 and that’s why I love the idea! 

Part of what I learned over the past four years, which was very VERY hard for me, was to be able to just trust my gut and to not care how silly or weird or non-sensical an idea is but to be unashamed of doing something just because! 

So that’s what I plan to do! I’m going to build an artist’s shed over the summer. And guess what!

“We get to read about it and follow your progress on your blog, Facebook, and instagram?!”

You are correct! (And maybe even YouTube if you’re really lucky) 😉 

I hope that by having something to keep myself engaged creatively and artistically and physically that not only I’ll be able to have a really cool shed at the end of it but that I’ll have figured out the answer to the question; “Now what are you going to do?” Because right now I have no clue! …..

…..and right now that’s OK with me! 

Thanks for all your live and support this last years going after getting my degree and I’m so grateful to everyone’s help during the scariest moments of my life, and please know that your love and care had been deeply felt and my graduation is in no small part because of all of you having been apart of that journey. 

And I hope you’ll stay with me on this next journey!

I love you all and remember…



(I’ll be using the following hashtag for this project #rebuildmylife )

With nothing more than the will to live with NO EXCUSES I’m going to Re-build my life as I build a shed!

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