The Vlog Struggle is REAL

I, like many people, have been struggling with getting my social media game together and organized. I wanted to take full advantage of posting videos of my health updates as well as get my story out from when I was diagnosed originally and all of the surgeries and Adventures I’ve gone through over the years. I also want to talk with other people about personal struggles and how we can help each other deal with them… And I thought trying to do this by posting on YouTube was going to be easy peasy! Quite the contrary!

I have a degree in graphic design and I have made many animated cartoons and edited short films so I felt that I had enough knowledge to figure out YouTube videos. The more I tried the more I failed! I could not get the voice volume correct, I could not get the lighting correct, I could not get the quality better than those old 90s digital camera toys… So I kept giving up each time it would fail.

In the last few months, however, I have been going through a big big big personal and life change where I am no longer giving up on dreams and goals! AND the first goal that I wanted to tackle was starting up again on this video blog since I knew that I could at least figure this out and start reaching out to other people with cancer, with depression, with addiction, feeling lonely, etc and the sooner I could tackle this hurdle of making YouTube videos the sooner I could start making these connections!

So all this morning I got out my professional digital Nikon D90 camera as well as all of the LED lights the boom mics the lapel mics the expensive Amazon products that I thought I needed to create great quality YouTube videos and spent all morning failing miserably once again at trying to get it all figured out on my own! I just could not figure out how to get this video filmed and posted properly! And i was ready to give up YET AGAIN!

BUT THE WHOLE POINT OF DOING A VIDEO WAS TO SHOW ME NOT GIVING UP!!! So I couldn’t give up…and I saw my mom’s old iphone on my bed and thought hey! I’ll try it and see how it works.

In the end that was the thing that worked the best and the easiest! mom’s old iPhone filmed great, resources sound great! ,and u was able to use the LED light I bought to help balance out my uni-bomber face out! I was able to film, edit, and post the video to my YouTube channel in under 15 minutes. Before this revelation it was taking HOURS and sometimes overnight to get videos posted on YouTube! :O This solution is the streamlined solution I had been praying for!

This means that each week (maybe more) I will be able to finally post new content about cancer, life struggles, successes big and small, and how we can all be courageous and make the choices in life that will get us to our dreams and goals! I’m excited and I can’t wait to see what I post next and can’t wait to see what questions you all have and what you want to talk about as well!

Below is the link to my new video so please type a look and leave some love/critique/anything honest!

The HOLE Truth…and nothing but the truth! YouTube video link

Have a loving Valentine’s Day and I’ll talk to you later!


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